The Rossi Clarinet, another solution to the throat Bb

Mr. Friedland:
I’m a true reader of your page. It’s very useful and informative.
Just about everything I would like to know is in the archives. It’s just a
matter of searching.

As you had the opportunity of trying a lot of different instruments, I’d appreciate your opinion about this clarinet strong> Have you ever heard about it?
Thanks in advance.
Avelino Taveiros,Brazil
>Mr. Taveiros:
Actually I knew the Rossi clarinet had a Bb
clarifying mechanism which drew my interest because I have been a performer and an advocate of the Mazzeo Clarinet which provides a similar, perhaps simpler solution to that particular problem in that the side Bb (third trill key) opens when the A spatule is pressed through an articulation providing the clearest possible Bb possible on the Boehm instrument as it is.
Indeed in looking at the photo of the Rossi, the key that opens(a new
additional hole) is in exactly the same place as the third trill key, give or take a millimeter.(the Mazzeo solution opens the third trill key)
So, I thank you, however either Rosario explained the Rossi to me, or I was to much an advocate to go into the Rossi further.
So, thank you for sending the website address. I shall post it on my site so as to afford others who may be interested in this very impressive looking production.
best wishes, and thanks for your compliments .
sherman friedland


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