It’s here: purity in Hard Rubber: LIBERTAS

April 3, 2014

I received the Libertas several days ago. It is a striking looking instrument, visually, because every set screw has been countersunk, and that is confounding for a clarinet made of ebonite. In our house, there are perhaps a dozen clarinets made from ebonite. There at least three Lyrique clarinets, an Allora A clarinet,purchased from WWBW back in the days when Larry Combs, formerly Principal in the Chicago Symphony, mentioned that, Prior to his OPUS, his former clarinet, “seemed like an unfinished instrument by comparison”.His former clarinet was a Buffet) At that time a recording by Eddie Daniels , The American Clarinet, was issued, partnered with Larry Combs. They played Opus and Concerto clarinets, designed by William Ridenour, and manufactured by Leblanc in Paris. I bought a set of Opus, and most of my recording were made on this set. The sessions for these recording were the most fun I have ever had playing, (The Brahms Quintet, first movement , is on this site, a live performance).

These clarinets became , by reputation, the finest clarinets ever made.
Yes, as with every superb clarinet I have played, I sold the set, They were replaced with The Lyrique, upon which I played until yesterday, with the arrival of my Libertas., which I’m told is a copy of the Concerto, in Hard Rubber.

Need I go further?

This winter has been a four letter word. And it is not over. It has been wonderful opening for the Libertas.

Articles will followi on tuning, price, longevity , and projection.

You already know about the price.

stay well.