Identifying Selmer Clarinets by model numbers?

Hello,not sure if you can help.I have seen a selmer paris clarinet advertised and its serial number is w4420 which I believe dates it to 1970/71.I have asked the vendor if a model number is written in the clarinet ie series 9 or series 10 and am told that no model number is shown.I am puzzled and wonder what model it might be….Thanks
————————————————————— Hi: There are many many Selmer Paris Clarinets that do not have a designation as to model number, probably more than do have such a number.
Your clarinet was made in 1970-71 as you say, which makes it very close to the the model number designation known at Model 10.
This is a smaller bored instrument than let us say, the Centered Tone, but still as good a clarinet , better if the intonation is as good as most or many Selmer clarinets of around this time.
I play a 10S which is a variation of the 10, and there is a 10sII, and of course the 10G, which is supposedly an exact copy of the Buffet R13, but that varies considerably. I had a set of 10G clarinets which played like no Buffet I ever tried, but there are, as I say so many times, too many variables to even count or figure. The Series 9 is a smaller bore and more like the Buffet clarinet, (for want of another adjective), the series 10 is better intune than the 9. I have played every single Selmer model made until the latest ones, and might mention that I was a clinician for the Selmer Company for 30 years. But that is all finished now, so, as to the vintage clarinets, named here, you may certainly take my opinion for whatever it is worth which is certainly equal to anyone’s, I would think.

Good luck on whatever you buy, or play.
stay well and play well.
Sherman Friedland


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