November 16, 2015

G clarinet.

This is really a historic tale.  sixty to 80 years ago there was an almost fierce competition beween Selmer and Buffet

Most clarinetists playing in symphony orchestras in the US played the Buffet clarinet, almost specifically the R13 model.

Gigliotti, principal in Philadelphia played the Buffet as did all others playing in virtually all US orchestras. This was when I first began to learn to play, and of course, what I wound up with was the Selmer. Why?

Because , living in Boston, where all the setion played Selmer, this was my sspration, tp play Selmer, which I finally did, after much searching.

But, as a young man, I knew of the Buffet and its use in most other US orchestras.

Of course, this has all changed now, starting with the arrival of the Selmer 10G, refering to Gigliotti in Philadelphia. Selmer, it is said, actually produced a Buffet copy, or one that was fairly close in response, to his Buffet.

The production at first, quite successful, and some played and responded very well. Others did not. I had two sets of these and frankly, didnt play well well enough to discrn the difference. At that time, we all played in university=conservatory orchestras, and frankly, unless hearing the horn played in an orchestra, a professional ensemble, your guess was as good as mine.

What has transpired since the has or have been vast improvements in all instruments, prices rising accordingly until now and including all manufacturers all clarinets have improvd exponentially , and many different orchestral players perform on both or wither of the different bore, producing a more mellow sound with better resonance. Comparison, these days is simply a matter of ones opinion, and it is all of that, nothing more.

Of course, mouthpieces and reeds have also changed exponentially, and of course, reeds made of artifical material, not cane, but a mixture of cane and plastics of all kinds. Literally everything has changed, especially all materials, wooden instruments are still favored, but many are made fromhard rubber, whichis much easier to,machine nd finshe and stands the rigors of tempeature changes much better than wood. What mouthpiece doyou play? Instrument, and reeds ae the question. Everyone learns to play very well, but the diminished number of professional orchestras are all mitigating factors. that is the whole story of SELMER AND BUFFET


sherman friedland


All Saints Day, Is it over? Promise?

November 1, 2015

imagesIf I neverI see Jamie Lee Curtis scream and Donald Pleasance murder Michael Myers , haunting the streets of Haddonfield, cloaked in darkness and blood, it will be too soon!!

Here, in Heartwood and Cornwall, and indeed all of Canada, this calm Catholic All saints day is celebrated with an endless bloody fear fest that is truly frightening. There is a ghostly lady, walking rhtythmically, in short steps throughout the halls, intoning a kind of mantra and looking for an elevator, pressing the code button, never getting the right numbers, and trying to get out. She goes from one elevator to another mumbling continuously.

Someone else likes to pilfer through my toilet articles, sometimes taking and or dropping a bottle. I will not see the person for a few days after. She is boh present and totally absent. So, in several aspects, Mickael Meyers is on the premises, especially at Halloween.

Last night, I went to bed late . There came two wiches, dressed as psw personal service workers. Have a happy Halloween, one said,(her tail seductively twitching) and I replied that I do not celerbrate this day of days. It has been disturbubgly  unsettling, especially being in this long term care center. Now, it is November 1st . And perfectly coordinated with the changing of the time. Of course, everyone forgot and the morning was endless.

Nobodyhad had their coffee and seemed very kind, though uncoordinated.

Even when a younger person, I had no care for this holiday, which has been turned into a festival of blood and gore.

We turned our lights out and kept no light in the window for these poor kids, dragging their parents from door to door.

And now, thanks to walmart and the other department stores, it has become a huge moneymaker, leading up to, but not separated from Christmas, celebrated with long lines of inflatable toys, and snowmen.

The personal service workers, incredibly kind, and you know who you are, wlike to talked about, and are richly deserving of praise and gratitude/   But, dont mention my name.

That would be uncanadian, or unforgivable.

Read my lips. Read my blog.

I love you.

sherman , Heartwood