The Selmer 10S 2

Hi Sherman,

Someone in a recent letter (Boston in the 50s) says he getting a brand new Selmer Series 10 II S clarinet.
Is Selmer still making and selling these clarinets? Really enjoy Clarinet Corner, especially your memories of

your early days in Boston!
Hello DL:
I have seen dozens of advertisements on these Selmer 10S 2 clarinets and they are always listed as brand new. As far as Selmer selling them, I have no idea as Selmer no longer exists as its own company, but it part of an amalgamation of companies called Conn-Selmer which includes at the very least the Leblanc Clarinet. A few of the so-called “big box” companies advertise all of these instruments, but never the Selmer 10S 2, which would have been discontinued several years past.
The best guess I can give you is that in the organization of the new company a number of new instruments were purchased at special prices and have gone on sale mostly on ebay, with some really low prices, as low as one thousand dollars for a new instrument.
I purchased a Leblanc Sonata Clarinet for two hundred dollars a few years ago. It was brand new, came wrapped in plastic bags, with no case, or mouthpiece, but it was a great instrument. This venue can be a scurrilous place, however from time to time, once can pick up an excellent instrument for very little .
Of course, one must be careful and even the careful can get taken.
I do not think that the instrument you mention is made any longer, however the number of instruments around may be many.

Boston has not changed too much since I went to school and started playing there.(At least the area around Symphony Hall and the New Englanc Conservatory) I played and lectured at the Berklee College in late September and got to see that wonderful area.
Berklee is on the corner of Mass Ave and Huntington, I guess, having taken over a bank and a hotel on the corner.
Coming out of Berklee, just look down and you are afforded a view of Symphony Hall, bringing back wonderful memories.
We drove down from Canada and got lost in the Adirondacks for several hours and were totally entertained by the most gorgeous and vibrant fall colors I can remember. The Red Sox were also in town and Boston is not only the home of the greatest orchestra, but perhaps the best Baseball anywhere.
I am currently playing on a Selmer 10S and can vouch for the instrument as a truly wonderful clarinet, having lost the brightness of the 10 and gaining an even better intonation.
I do not know in what ways the 10S2 is different.

best wishes, always, sherman


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