eb clarinet

April 7, 2016

Hi Sherman I have a 60’s era B&H Imperial Eb clarinet which I use for doubling in concert band and orchestra. It is a little powerhouse of an instrument and I love playing it, with reservations. It has it’s original mouthpiece. The problem is I don’t like it. I use Eb reeds in preference to cutdown Bb. I play a pair of Leblanc LL’s with a Vandoren B40 mouthpiece usually. I have tried a couple of Vandoren mouthpieces with the Eb and while they feel great to play, they just don’t suit this instrument. Any suggestions on modern mouthpieces that may suit this lovely little clarinet as I don’t have access to be able to just try a wide range. Thanks Kelli


your lls are a great choice. If the mouthpieces for Eb, play well, getting used to them will or should not be difficult

Have a good time with your monster

stay well