Double lip woes will turn into benefits, patience!!!

Hi Mr. Friedland:!
> I have been playing clarinet for 2 years. I have been using the single-lip
> embouchure and i tend to bite real hard into my lower lip. Recently,i got
> to know about the double-lip embouchre. I tried to kick the habit of
> biting by switching to the double-lip embouchure. I followed the
> instructions given on the net. However, no matter how i try, i’ll always
> be airy and bite into my upper lip. I suspect that i am doing it the wrong
> way. Can you please provide me with more specific details or if possible,
> show me an image? I really need your help! Thnk you a milloin times!!
Hi Candice:
You are not going to be able to use any image or picture as you ask. You
must rely on only your mouth, your teeth, and the strength of your reeds.
Double lip takes time, much time, many tries, and cannot happen in one shot,
or even ten.
You must use softer reeds, with ress resistance. Your clarinet will fall
out of your hand on throat f and high c because you cannot bite, not one
bit, one of the great benefits of double lip, and why you hurt when you
Yes, you are biting.Just start all over again, and play for only ten
minutes, on notes that you hold on to the clarinet to achieve, not f or high
Take your time, take your time, and takes many breaks and think about what
you have done how much it hurts. It must not hurt.
It is the most natural embouchure and will work unless you have terribly
crooked jagged teeth.
Go slowly, go slowly, and measure you progress carefully. You can do it. Be very patient and it will come.
good luck, s



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