The Leblanc Dynamique Clarinet

Hi Mr. Friedland, I have a question about the value of my clarinet. It is a wooden Leblanc B flat clarinet. It says “Dynamic H G Leblanc Paris France” on it and also has Pete Fountain’s signature. The number on the clarinet is 24331. I think it is kind of old. The case is definitely vintage. People always tell me it looks like an old carpet bag but I have kept it because I think it’s quite unique. My parents bought me this clarinet when I was in highschool for $1500. They were told then that it was appraised at $5000, but as far as I know there is no paper work to show this. I’m just wondering if that is legit or if my parents are suckers. If you know or can find any information about the value and age of my clarinet I would really appreciate it. I’m very curious and think it’s a wonderful instrument.
Thanks a lot,
The Leblanc Dynamic is a very fine instrument and has a certain respected value.It was a big bore Leblanc, similar to the Selmer Centered Tone. Lots of Jazz players used them Your parents were not suckers, especially if the instrument was new.
The signature of Pete Fountain has also a certain value depending upon how many instruments of this type it was used upon.
If it is unique, it is worth a lot.
The case interests me as well, especially if it is a Leblanc special case, that would add to its value.
If you wish to sell it, look on Lelblanc in Ebay, for you will see others like it and you will be able to determine a value after seeing a few. Good luck to you.
Sounds like areal buy….perhaps.


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