All Selmer Paris clarinets

For your information:

Selmer Clarinets – Paris
no model name, often called “Brèveté” (1900s, 10s and 20s)
“K-series”, “L-series”, “M-series” or “N-series”. A “Déposé” from the N-series will have characteristics very different from those of one from the K-series. The Brèveté mark and the Déposé mark were never meant to describe or label the clarinet; they are just French terms meaning, roughly, “certified” and “registered”, respectively.
Radio Improved or RI (ca. 1931-1934)
Balanced Tone or BT (ca. 1935-1939)
Master Model (metal clarinet) (1927-ca.1939)(Gorgeous clarinet, full Boehm minus low Eb, beautiful player)
55 (ca. 1939) (gino cioffis preferred model)
Centered Tone (ca. 1954-1960) large bore clarinets.(all Boston Symphony Players from approximately those years, including Mazzeo)Cioffi, Cardillo Mazzeo,Viscuglia.Series 9 (1960s, 70s and 80s) large bore clarinets. (not all that large)Series 9* (1960s) with undercut tone holes and reducing bore diameter.(First smaller bore Selmer Paris)

Series 10 (1970s – cylindrical bore) (better in tune than 9*)
Series 10G (1970s and 80s {and 90s?}) Designed by Anthony Gigliotti. In the December 1999 issue of The Clarinet, Gigliotti wrote: “The first time I went to the Buffet factory in France was in 1953 and I remember trying 55 Bb clarinets. After selecting the two best ones I then spent countless hours with Hans Moennig tuning and voicing them until I could finally try them in the orchestra. My reason for becoming involved with the Selmer Company was to make it possible for a student or professional to buy an instrument that didn’t need all that work and it has resulted in the series 10G which was based on my Moennigized Buffet which I played for 27 years.” (But this writer has heard that the clarinets produced by Selmer were quite inconsistent.My own set was excellent))
Series 10S (1970s and 80s {and 90s?}) currently the best tuning in recent years)
Series 10S II (1970s and 80s {and 90s?}) Smaller bore than 10S.
Recital (1980s-20**) totally chnanged, thicker wall, smaller bore, best tuning of all, except for low F, for which you can get an extra venting key) Preferred by , Morales ,but he changes a lot
Prologue I and II
St. Louis
Signature(very well thought of by many)
Artys(was on sale at closeout price of $1395 at wwbw)

best regards, sherman


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