The mysterious Leblanc Serial numbers, gone forever

Dear Mr. Friedland:
I recently purchased a Leblanc L27 clarinet serial number 49244. My
> local music store says it was the top of the line professional
> instrument in its day. I’ve gotten nowhere through Leblanc as far as a
> manufacture date goes. Any ideas?
> Thanks!
Well , so much of what you write is advertising for the company or any
company, let me say that the “top of the Line” is perhaps only the most expensive and in the case of this maker, there are many other clarinets made by this maker that play better, that is if you play them all, which strangely enough I have, at least most .
But intrinsically, the L27 is one of my favorite Leblancs, and a very fine instrument, but then again I had a terrific instrument.
I have recently been sent an L27 by a friend for me to try and it was not as good as the one I had, at least not in my memory, another variable. It is a good good instrument. Think the 60s and you will be there.Leblanc no longer exists as a company and they were never that free with their dates of manufacture. All owned by Selmer-Conn now, the french instrument is still made and available but at all sorts of prices depending upon the seller and where he purchased.
As I said, the Leblanc clarinet, that is the one made in Paris is a fine instument, better in tune than any Buffet , better sounding than any Selmer, and most probably less expensive to purchase.
Good luck with your L 27.
sherman friedland


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