Dental Veneers and playing the clarinet

I am wondering if you can please give me any advice regarding dental veneers. I am 34 and have always had crooked top front teeth, despite having orthodontic treatment as a teenager. I recently decided that I wanted to rectify this and my dentist has suggested veneers on the 4 central top teeth. I play the clarinet and have done so for about 10 years, it is my second instrument (first being the piano which I teach) and although I sometimes play clarinet infrequently I would hate to think of not playing at all.

I am worried that the veneers will not be strong enough and that when I play I will put too much pressure on them? My dentist is helpful, but has failed to reassure me. I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life with unattractive teeth, but neither do I want to give up the clarinet. If you have any advice for me before I go ahead with veneers I would be very grateful.

Hello S:
Thank you for your question. I do inded have something to suggest.
At your age it is possible to have those two crooked teeth straightened or bonded as well, It is possible in my experience. Of course not having seen your embouchure, as it were, I cannot tell for sure, however after a lifetime of dealing with my teeth and those of my children and my wife, I know that they can be straightened.
Of course, it will be much, much less expensive for you and it may take some getting used to, however the veneers are very costly, (I have heard) and I have no knowledge about their strength at all, but I have great trepidation of thinking of playing the clarinet with those things in my gorgeous mouth. Your dentist doesn’t know either.
Good luck.
sincerely, sherman


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