sharp with Selmer D MP double lip

Hello Sherman Friedland, I have had some long standing (30 years) tuning issues with my Selmer B flat clarinet. Generally the pitch at A440 on my tuner is sharp by 5 Hz even when I pull the tuning barrel out up to 2.5mm. I use the original mouthpiece stamped with a ‘D’. For some time I used a Vandoren 5RV lyre mouthpiece but still had the problem. With concentrated effort I can bring it back into tune but over longer sonatas etc, I feel I get sharp. I was wondering whether it is a barrel issue. I measured the barrel at 66mm long and has a bore of 13.5mm. should I seek a longer barrel? If so how much longer?


Hello and cheers

AVD  mouthpiec labeled M L 13 was recommended and it tuned well, after all the others.Their version of one by Chedeville, and I found to be superb for many years, if not superior for everything.

stay well///..




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