home invasions at Heartwood

I had what was apparently a home invasion in my room today. A little person in a wheelchair opened  my door, wheeled herself in , and began opening the drawers oF my dEsk. She seemed impervious to my words, asking her to leave, and said not one word, regardless oF my requests for her to leave. No matter what I said, all was disregardEd, her expression unchanged, the movements . She took a remote for my Tv. which was dropped on the floor and conttinued her foraging.

Heretofor, I have had many visits, most of which having been made in my absence, the lateest being a backstratcher, a cute gift ftom my wife. If there is a pack of cookies,it is almost always takEn, the wrapper just left . When first being told thst Heartwoo is my home a I had alarge collecton of Watches, not worth anything,, simply a matter of acquisition over a long period of time, an obbsession over a lon© period of time . Then, the best of these went missing, and I had the collection taken ro my home, my real home.

Heartwood is not.


One Response to home invasions at Heartwood

  1. bulldoggy2008 says:

    Mr.Friedland, I am so sorry you are in such a situation. Are listening to great music. I miss asking for your wisdom particularly on matters about the clarinet. Are you willing to addrees some clarinet-related issues?

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