The demon caller

Each morning, for as long as ican remember, at exactly 4:30 AM, my phone rings exactly once, and only once. And, Idont have any idea who is the caller. Now, can it be someone whom I know? Or, someone who is unknown? Is it to remind me of something which has left my memory? I have always prided my self concerning memory.

But as these calls continue, always at 4:30 AM.and only once, doubts are beginning to multiply. Natrully, it could be anyone. About anything, and I dont have Åny clue.

Or, can it be some indication of actual old age? This is disturbing. I am living in a place where screams can be heard at any time, without warning, where this is much dimentia present, coming virtually all day and night, with no warning of any kind.

What does one do? Tell a support worker? I dont think so. That would draw attention to no one else but me. And somehow, that is troubling. Anyway, I feel the need of a coffee, If you are actually out there, ring more than once. If so, I may answer the ring, but now, I am not so sure.

sherman at Heartwood.

3 Responses to The demon caller

  1. Len Allman says:

    Hello Sherman

    My CenturyLink phone carrier provides me with similar “disservice” somewhat regularly. Tech people can’t seem to discover the source, but then I live in North Carolina.

    Keep Smilin’ Len Allman

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Sherman, you are not the one person on earth who has some unwilling “spirit” link to the telephone. It is an appliance, and there’s an “appliance” reason. I have thought of you often over my nine years as a clarinet player, as you have been, via your website, my only teacher – but, I am not the caller. Maybe there is some “ghost in the machine”, but it is not connected to you. I hope you are able to nap at some time in the day! WiFi, Twitter, Facebook, THE CLOUD – God help us! Yours, Al in Melbourne, Oz

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