Heartwood Heroines


For the past month we have had rebovations, a new floor had to be installed on the second floor. While the renivations went on for seven days, about a dozen or so residents were moved to the basement. All the needs of some 15 residents were taken care of there, in the basement. Somehow, we all got through it,but we had help fromtwo Heartwood Heroines.

They are Crystal and Angela,Every morning , early morning, Crystal would bring coffee for Everyone and cold fresh water. This transpired before the sun came up, and the coffee stayed until it was all used. Not part of her work. She took it upon herself, and it brought comfort. But sh was always Extra available, and it was a great pleasure to see her, Each and every morning.

She has the gift of satifaction taken fron helping others. Angeka knows and does everything, quickly and efficiently, and one can always tell when she is on the scene as she possess a srong and carrying voice. When I first entered, it seemed cold all the time, My feet, and all the rest seemed frozen . When we met, she took two heated blankets and wrapped me from head to toe in them. Surprised, but amused and heated, I was delighted to be warm and to meet this lovely and enduring two heroes of Heartwood


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