The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth

With them in hand, I took handitransit downtown to go to the dentist

With traffic stopped on Pitt St, I took myself in my power chair aross the street, but the office had a stair over which my chair would not go, so, finally, against all city regulations, the dentist came out and lifted me over the stair, and I was in.

I held them in a little plastic cup and he looked on wih coniderable disdain, and said I can do nothing with these, they are useless, and then took an Xray, told me of the decay underone prior root canal, while I held them up and said,

But they have been to Carnegie Hall, adding , many times, plus literally hundreds of performing spaces all over the world. a blank, slightly scornful mouth, turning down at the corners,looked back at me.

When we were little children, my mther used to scream, , you kids took all my calcium, which I why I have no teeth, may she RIP.

We all know people who go through with no dental problems, literally none whatsoever, but the rest suffer with drilling and the rest of the that other expensive and ultimately useless procedure after procedure , while the perpetrator of this painful procedure buys another boat or plane , or whatever..

That first tooth reolacement was only one of very msny, some failed, some successful, but none lasting. Still, I loved the clarinet, went rapidly through the development of the necessary, loved music even more, and have had more then 60 years of music, which s better, much better.

So, keep practicing and take good care of your tooths

Stay well.

sherman friedland, at Heartwood


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