I Have a Leblanc Clarinet

Dear Professor Friedland ;

I have a Leblanc B flat clarinet that I would like to sell. It is an L7 model and is in excellent condition. I had the horn refurbished for my daughter when she was in high school.

I have not played the horn in a number of years, but tried it recently and the sound is excellent. I had the horn appraised at one of our local music stores and they said I could expect to perhaps get $1,000 – $1,200.

However, I just found your site and feel that you will know more about the value of my horn. The silver keys look like new and there are no cracks in the wood. The cork looks to be in great condition and I have recently greased the corks. The pads are in good condition also. Please let me know what you think a good value would be and if you know of anyone that would like to make this purchase. G V

First and foremost, the clarinet has no sound, per se. none whatever.The sound is made by the player, using a reed and a mouthpiece.

The Leblanc has always had the best built clarinet made in France.Far better in tune than any other, the L7 was one of their very best, of which I have owned several sets, one of which had been made with rollers between the little finger keys, perhaps a conversion from another fingering system, but these and other L7 were simply superior.

The Leblanc which was most successful was the Opus, designed by the brilliant William Ridenour whil he was with Leblanc , also the Sonata and several other models.

The intonation being almost perfect, was the factor for which they stand alone.

Hope this has been of some help.

stay well, sherman


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