The raison d’etre of all instruments

oalI received a complimentary note, concerning the clarinet. I have written more than a thousand articles on site concerning the clarinet. Its sound, quality about reeds, embouchure, history, its many makes, kigatures, mouthpieces, repertoire. The note made me think in smaller and smaller circles, until reaching the conclusion: What is the actual purpose of the clarinet? The clarinet, indeed all instruments of the orchestra, including the strings emulate the sound of the voice, and all of its particular ranges and emotions. When these many emulations are . Until then, we simply learn to play our particular voices , all blending with one another, we then have unified reasons for being, and  are , but a part, of a perfectly coordinated group. An excellent example of this perfect coordination can be found in Brahms Second Symphony, performed by the late Carlos Kleibor, conducting the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra in 1991 It can be found on youtube. Learning to play the cat in Peter and the Wolf is one thing.Learning to blend in with a full orchestra is quite another. That is our purpose,indeed  our goal And we are never finished. stay well, sherman


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