From Malaysia, clarinet budget is much too high

Hello, my name is Nur Daniel and I’m 17. I lived in Malaysia. I played Clarinet for about 4 years now and I’m very passionate in developing my skills. I played only in a wind band competition and I never had a chance to played with a symphony. As youngsters like me career are important we faced SPM or O level. By the results we achieved we may get scholars and study abroad. But the problem is classicals music or instrumental music are not to popular in Malaysia in terms of job prospects. I really dissapointed with the facts that I cannot pursue my ambitions. And one day, my father gave me an idea. He says that I should take my musics as the seconds part of life . So I had been wandering, what is the best way to study something at the same time I can studies music too? Secondly, I am from an average family.So,any plan that I should take to keep on studying music but only use least amount of money? For your info, Im trying to save up some money to buy a clarinet. For 4 years playing clarinet, what are the suggestions of clarinet brands that I should buy. And my budget would be around $4000-5000.

You have lived in Malaysia, third largest producer of rubber in the world.  So, why not a clarinet budget of,circa 1900 for arguably the best made and the most stable material for a clarinet, the best tuned, and an instrument that will never crack or vary in pitch , in variable temperatures.

William Ridenour designs and produces this clarinet from Duncanville, Texas

Without question, your best choice . 

Ridenour responds:

Sherman, I don’t think it can be said better than you said it.
With all the advantages of hard rubber–and the remarkable lower cost–you wonder what clarinet players could be thinking…..actually, you wonder why they don’t think but act like sheeple.



2 Responses to From Malaysia, clarinet budget is much too high

  1. never heard of a hard rubber clarinet played on a granadilla one all of my life must check it out thank you

  2. Another part of your blog is about having clarinet as a second part of your life, Why not think about it as a professional hobby-joins some bands, do some busking, get involved in the pit orchestra of community musicals, form mixed woodwind ensembles and so on

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