Mute, but costs and interest rates abound. The sky is the limit.

Once and for all,a clarinet doesn’t have a sound, regardless of the hype.the salesman,the necessity of his income, or anything else.
What is important is the total drivel of the mistake that is the clarinet mystique.

I love my readers. and they are very important to me, as is my experience, abilities,but, what is most important is truth.

Let us face it, very very few of you will ever be in a professional situation; on the line, eight services a week and producing with at least, perfection.

And, I will say , that it is normal to have pride in your instrument, regardless of your abilities. Playing in a church orchestra or a community band or any music is what is most important, the quality of the horn being ephemeral at best.

What is of great concern to me, is the student.

This has happened many times: A student arrives for a lesson and says that his horn doesn’t play well. I fix the horn, straighten the keys or replace the pad.
The student thanks me and then says, “I would have that new Buffet the director said I needed so desperately, but my father, who is a bus driver, is still awaiting the bank loan of 5 thousand dollars, (at 18%).

This is what hurts me,makes me weep. It is so false, the stupidity of the director in recommending a horn for a child, one that is inherently very uneven. usually not well in tune, and is made of wooden joints, which are prone to fusing together after hours of rehearsing and or marching. There are some colleges and universities that actually have “techies” on STAFF to remove joints fused together. There are even some band directors who tell their students to leave the barrel “out a bit” so that it would not come together and remain there.forever.

The pressure that is exerted by the music director for his student to own the best clarinet is criminal, and I feel there is money and/or gifts changing hands when these recommendation bear fruit.

Everyone is “into” cars these days , and they are the real American Pastime. But with a car, we ae prone to either buying or leasing , can usually get a “no interest” loan or extend the loan forever. People who have no credit still want cars, and need them. So, they pay enormous interest rates and are foreclosed upon with great frequency. But, that is North America, and it is not buying a clarinet for five thousand or much more and having the child give it up, while payment is still not complete.

stay well, and don’t stop practicing.



One Response to Mute, but costs and interest rates abound. The sky is the limit.

  1. bulldoggy2008 says:

    My jazz clarinetist idol Kenny Davern (now deceased) played with a “plastic” clarinet with a stock Vandoren mouthpiece—-he produced a marvelous tone and technique!

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