The Libertas. It means Liberty for us all

The Statue of Liberty takes its name, as well as thousand of references to coins. It is imbued in our history through out the entire World.

But now, it takes on new meaning to all those of us who have chosen to play the clarinet.

For some bizarre reason the Opus and Concerto clarinets have been removed from the catalog of the company which produced them initially, designed by the then head of instrumentsl production of the company., William Ridenour

These two similar models have become the favorites of clarinetists everywhere. Larry Combs said,” Before the Opus I felt I had been playing on an unfinished clarinet”. And all who play know that Eddie Daniels chose the Concerto.Both of these were desiigned by William Ridenour, along with many other instruments from this same company.

They were well priced into the several thousands of dollars, but exemplary clarinets in terms of intonation and of manufacture

And now, these same instruments are offered in ebonite, or hard rubber, a more stable material then wood, easier to machine and less prone to changing dimensions, to say nothing of pitch.

I received my Libertas, and consider it my ultimate Liberty.

I recently wrote an article about the sound of a clarinet, Sitting in the case , handsome and beguilingly attractive, it says nothing. Not a single sound comes to the ear without the artist taking it into his or her hands and mouth.

I have played on silver plated early Selmer clarinets, (#406) from the first few years of the 20th century, and virtually every other material known to man or woman, even a see-through plastic clarinet.

But until the arrival of my Libertas, truly my Liberty, I had been somewhat in darkness.Playing literally hundreds of remote CBC concerts, I was subject, as was my clarinet to the variances of temperatures in cold Montreal Churches, literally hoping that the ambient temperature would within the realm of my ability to perform well. The so-called remote broadcasts are recorded as is, no retakes, regardless of what happened regarding temperature. Using an instrument made from a much more stable machinable material,and the same bore and finish as a much more expensive product, carefully finished, with well made strong keys, at a fraction of the 5 grand list prices, and you are free to use your full abilities to your best advantage.

Repeating my earlier statement: if you play any clarinet designed by William Ridenour you are ahead of the game. With a Libertas, you are playing the best clarinet of all his designs..

I am grateful and proud of the Libertas. It will free every clarinetist. I tested my clarinet , coming with two barrels excellently finished, and will buy an A as soon as it appears.

A salute to Wm Ridenour, and his Libertas,

best wishes, sherman


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