For Every Clarinetist and teacher

The following is a letter from a clarinet student from 45 years ago or more, when I was teaching at Plymouth State College of the University of New Hampshire, my first college job. It was a fine learning experience, filled with joy and learning, things we never finish doing. My hopes are for all of you to receive such information from long long ago. Yes, we were young, eager, playing sharp, and always looking for a step up. Stay well.

“Hello, after 45 years! This is Bruce Bean, now Connery, who was a senior at Plymouth State when you were teaching there. I have remembered you and your dear friend Dr. Wolf, who I learned passed away several years ago, all my life. I was so impressed with Dr. Wolf when you and he performed at PSC and we had the opportunity to meet him personally in a program he presented to the music students. I must again thank you for giving me an opportunity to begin my music career in Littleton, NH, when you wrote a great recommendation. Although Littleton did not work out for me in the long run I taught successfully in Plattsburgh, NY for 12 years before leaving teaching to work in municipal administration in CT, where I still reside in the Town of Monroe. After retiring from that position I have returned to teaching and have 45 students for private lessons, including 3 clarinet players! My most noted student from Plattsburgh was Richard (Ricky) Sherman who now is Chairman of the Flute Dept at Michigan State. He is really cool and reminds me of you. I shall follow your blog from now on and certainly would love to meet you for dinner, concert, whatever, if you are in the NYC area (I live only 40 minutes north of the city). So glad you are still sharing your musical gift with others.”




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