“My Selmer CT Clarinet”

Dear Sir,

I read your response regarding the CT Selmer Clarinet with interest. My late father bought mine around 1961. The serial number is R5973 and the bell is marked sole agents New Your and Elkhart is below.

My horn is in excellent shape as I have kept it oiled and in its case all these years. It has the original HS* mouthpiece. I recall it was playing a bit “stuffy” the last time I had it out many, many years ago. I typically used a #2.5 or 3 reed. Always fussed trying to find the “perfect” reed.

I was a typical kid who loved music. Started my clarinet lessons in 5th grade. Made All State band as a 9th grader (15) and went on to win first chair in my senior year. My proudest achievement.

I went on to college and played in the band for two years and put the horn away. Upon graduation, 30 years in the military followed and then 10 years in the corporate rat race.

I am now 65 and retired. I have thoughts of taking lessons again and getting into our small city band. Would be great to play the Sousa marches once again!

In parting, do you have any idea when my horn was made? Approximate worth? It is in fine shape in its original samsonite brown case with a aluminum metal band around it.

Best Regards, and happy new year.

W. C .
Colonel, US Army (Ret.)

Colonel Sir:

Your horn was almost new when purchased for you by your father, made in 1958-59. It has retained value better than any other Selmer Paris Clarinet, but cannot hazard a guess without playing it, as they are all a bit different.

Your career is somewhat similar to mine, started later, went further, played Principal Clarinet in the 4th Army band and the Milwaukee Symphony after, never put the silly thing away, taught , played, conducted the orchestra for 30 years.

Only major disappointment was an opening in the 7th Army Symphony, for which I was qualified. Made request to first seargent, who replied, “the only place you’ll go is Ft Hood, Texas!” He loved me, the son of a bitch!

All the best, sir

Sherman Friedland

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