Selling your used clarinet,(and for all who are interested)

Dear Mr Friedland:
Hello, I am a grandmother who has just realized that I most likely will not be playing my High School clarinet ever again! I have a Le Blanc Dynamique I believe was made in the early 1950’s. It of course needs new pads, etc. but other than that is in good condition. The case is also in good condition. I have been thinking of selling it on Ebay, but don’t know it’s value. Can you give me any advice please? Michele

Hi Grandmother Michele:
Thank you for your note concerning selling your clarinet on Ebay.
The Leblanc Dynamic clarinet is an excellent instrument, by and large, but one of its most salient points is that is has a larger bore than the smaller bored instrument which came after this model, and that bore is quite popular with those who play jazz. The reason is simple and basic. it is hearsay, but hearsay sells many things on todays market, as you must well know.

I think I will respond to you and others who may wish to sell on ebay, as I have some experience with this auction. The first thing of which you must be immediately aware is that the first rule of an ebay is CAVEAT EMPTOR, which means buyer beware, which actually is for sellers as well. With that in mind, it is safe to proceed. Go to ebay where you will be asked to register,( which I think is without any charge). You pick a user name and a password and then you continue into the selling area, which is plainly marked. The category will be of course, Musical Instruments, then further, the key of the instrument and the brand and then the age and whether or not it is used.
After that, you need to establish a starting price, the length of the auction and if you wish to sell only for a certain price. In that case, you establish a reserve price, under which the clarinet cannot be sold. This is your problem because it entails the price you paid and what you expect to get from the instrument, which of course depends upon the condition and the basic playability , which can only be determined in actuality by a player, however that is the grey area on ebay. How does this instrument actually play is the question for the sages of the ages, but cannot be answered on any auction site. Suffice it to say, that basically this was a better instrument from an excellent French Company, Leblanc, Leblanc now has been absorbed by the Selmer Company and is called Leblanc-Selmer, but the company making the instruments in France is still there. Leblancs are also made in the US. but those are of a lesser quality.

Continuing your selling process, you must supply two things which are crucial to you: photos of the instrument, and a suitable description.
You can go to the very same place and look at all of the Leblancs that are for sale. There you can determine the length of your auction and get a good sampling of all kinds of descriptions of Leblanc clarinets. You can usually come up with a good description of the instrument and all other factors in the selling.

After this, which will take a while, you will be asked to list your instrument. This will take all of your information, price, make, description, condition, auction length, etc and publish it on ebay. It may take a while but that is how it is done. Ebay has a rather scurrilous reputation, which is not necessarily deserved. Take care here, as you would in any auction, and you will be fine.
Good luck.Be patient.
best regards,


2 Responses to Selling your used clarinet,(and for all who are interested)

  1. bulldoggy2008 says:

    A very helpful reply. This potential seller can look up “completed listings” under Leblanc clarinets for sell which would give him/her an idea as to what Leblanc clarinets have sold for.

  2. dzuvadqua says:

    I also learned a few tips about ebay that have served me well:

    1/ have your auction end during a very busy traffic time (e.g., Saturday afternoon).
    2/ use lots of photos! make potential buyers feel like it’s in their hands.
    3/ explain why you’re selling this wonderful item.
    4/ know your market. watch what comparables are selling at for a little while.
    5/ last:(and this one is critical but scary) start the price at $0, no reserve. If you know your market, end at a busy time, and have good photos you’ll do fine. The $0/no reserve gets you on peoples watch list, whereas they may pass up a similar item priced near the sell point.

    Good selling!

    I used ebay to sell my starter clarinet to a man across the country who was buying it for his little granddaugter. I was so happy to send it his way, and I do hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

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