Recommendation for a clarinet for HS and beyond

Hello Mr. Friedland:

my name is Manuela and I currently own buffet b12 (student plastic horn).I really want and I’m looking for an “upgrade”- a professional horn. Im going into high school and I’m looking for a clarinet that’s going to last me all the way trough high school and college if not more. I got offered a used selmer series 9 and I wanted to know if it is a good pro clarinet. I’m thinking it’ll last trough high school but is it a good horn to take to college?

thanks for your attention and help,


Hello Manuela:

Thank you for your note with its question concerning your desire to upgrade to a “professional horn”. The Selmer Clarinet of which you speak is not your best choice for n instrument that will last you through high school and even further. Its ability to last is not the issue. The point is that this instrument was the very first in a series which changed many aspect of the Selmer “top of the Line” instrument and it was not as successful as were instruments which followed it.

The Selmer Series 10 or even better the 10S, are both better instruments, have more correctly proportional bores and can be purchased for about the same as a series 9 or 9*. I have owned both a series 10 and now a 10S and I have found them to be excellent and would recommend them to you or anyone wishing to purchasing a better instrument.

There are many for sale and I would direct you to either one before the Series 9.

Good luck to you.


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