“Karl Meyer” Clarinet

I’m about to try to relearn the clarinet. A repair man and professional musician has a Karl Meyer.Les B flat wooden clarinet for sale that he says is in excellent condition. He is going to include a Selmer HS mouthpiece.
He is asking $300 for it.
This person comes highly recommended to me by another professional reed player.

I was wondering if you could offer an advice.

Thank you,


Hello Marco …

There are many things that I will venture to say when recommended by a person who is, him or herself, highly recommended. Not bad, is enough, or not enough? I think it will be helpful always, to send a photo or several close up so that I can see the keywork and its wear, which is very important, the general condition of the material from where the clarinet is made. Price is always a concern, and $300 for a wooden clarinet in good condition with a Selmer Paris mouthpiece makes the package more attractive. While the clarinet may cost much more these days, this is probably what the clarinet is worth.
The most interesting thing I can find out about Karl Meyer is that is was a trade name for H&A Selmer, which elevates the whole operation quite a little, as Selmer has a reputation of integrity for all of their time as musical instrument manufacturers.(apropos of nothng, during the second world war, they made bicycle pumps……for the 3rd Reich?, probably)
So, without seeing or playing the horn, I would say that based on what is written above and on your assessment of the seller, I would advise it may be a deal, worthy of your consideration.
I hope it turns out well for you.

Good luck and stay well.


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