A letter from Mr. Mueller II

Dear Mr. Friedland,
I was just forwarded your article concerning a Penzel Mueller clarinet (10/22/09) dealing with having it repaired.
My daughter’s boyfriend came across it somehow and forwarded to her and she in turn forwarded it to me. It was wonderful to read very nice comments concerning the Penzel Mueller clarinet. It was of course my grandfather’s and my father’s business up until the mid to late 1950s. I still remember spending time with both of them at the factory in Long Island City, NY as well as with the other craftsman that worked there. I unfortunately can’t take credit for any of the expert workmanship that helped to make the Penzel Mueller clarinet what it was. My only job (I was 6 or 7) was to use a gold crayon to fill in the Penzel Mueller name that was stamped into the BELL or Barrel Joint.
Thank you for the kind words, that business meant a great deal to both my grandfather and father. I’m sorry that it was not possible to continue the business and have it passed on to me.

Thanks again

Walter W. Mueller

One Response to A letter from Mr. Mueller II

  1. 1pbj says:

    I have a metal “the Empire State” clarinet which has “designed and built by Walter W Mueller” on the bell. I know nothing about clarinets but would love to get in touch with Mr. Mueller or know more about this clarinet that I have inherited. It has the number 469 on both ‘shanks’. I can’t seem to find any information on “The Empire State” version clarinet or on this particular bell stamp. Thank you.

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