Comment from readers on Forestone

So, I ordered three of the Forestone reeds that I had read so much about on your website, and I must say, I am very disappointed. I purchased sizes 3, 3.5, and 4. All of them play very poorly for me, buzzing badly and needing too much pressure to control. I find a cane reed, even one that isn’t exceptionally good, to be a far better choice of a reed. I mean, there is no comparison between the sound of a real reed to that of a synthetic. This is just my personal experience. I mean, maybe I am doing something wrong with them, but I really did not like them. Thanks for your time!


Hello J:
thank you for your note concerning Forestone reeds. From what I can figure out, you do not have the correct strength, which may be the most difficult problem with them, and that being the case, they will not respond for you.
I don’t know because I do not know you except for your note.
The problem with these synthetics is that they are costly enough, so the wrong strength makes it more costly, and that can easily turn into a giant frustration.
I understand your situation and feel that the company needs to make more reeds available for trying or that they should adopt a similar policy to other synthetics wherein reeds which do not respond can be returned for another.
Finally, my website is totally my own , my thoughts are my own and I do not mean in any way to advertise anything. These have been my experiences with whatever product I happen to be writing regards, sherman

Hello again: I did receive a note from the above stating he meant no affront to me, wwhich I understand. And it must be interesting to hear me speak about simply finding these reeds wonderful, and then agreeing that that there is work to be done. Several of the posts I wrote extolling the virtues of these have been deleted because of what I have found from readers.

But yet again, my Forestone served me well after my visit to the emergency, very well. In conclusion, they do need to change their approach to their drive for customers, no question.

Stay well, and whatever you do, keep practicing.



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