To acquire a clarinet effected by tropical ocean, fluctuating between the rainy season and the dry season.

Hola Mr Friedland

I live in Central America and play a Bundy Resonite by Selmer. A cheap student model to be sure. I would like to get a better clarinet. My question is, what is the best clarinet for a person living in a high humidity area. Here the humidity is high and is effected by the near by tropical ocean, and fluctuates dramatically between the rainy season and the dry season. I feel that wood would not be a good choice for here. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


Dear Mr W:
I agree with you totally, a clarinet made of wood is not your best choice in an area where the fluctuations vary between high humidity , dramatically changing from rainy season and dry season. There is simply too much change in the effects of the humidity upon the wood. The results would be far too much give and take on the tension of the keys , the springs and certainly each joint of the clarinet.
Actually resonite is a reasonably stable material. However there is a much better material which is readily accessible and is the most stable material when  your warm air hits the inner bore material. It is hard rubber, a material having been around for a number of years with excellemt success.
Because of the effort of a singe man, William Ridenour, we have now a clarinet made from hard rubber which is the best in tune instrument within the industry.including material of any other origin.
I would suggest you contact him for more complete information, as he is readily willing to talk to people about his clarinet. You will find an excellent model hard rubber clarinet to cost about one third as much as does a french wooden instrument

good luck, sherman


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