Leblanc “Dynamic” is also “large bore”

Dear Mr. Friedland:

Please answer a question for me. I play a Selmer Centered Tone and positively adore it. I was wondering if you feel that a Selmer Series 9 would be an adequate back up horn or indeed a suitable replacement. Accordingly, is there another clarinet that you would recommend? I really like what I get out a larger bore clarinet…especially the Centered Tone. There are some available on ebay…would you recommend purchasing one in that manner?

Thank you for your consideration.

Very truly yours,

No, not a Series 9, as the bore is smaller and most probably you would not like it as much as the CT.
There are presently available on the auction, several Leblanc Dynamic, which is the same bore more or less, than the CT and is an excellent clarinet. I would recommend that you consider one of the those, rather than a 9*.
Good luck, and happy holidays.


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