The Throat Bb, again, and again.

Dear Mr. Friedland,

Thank you very much for you rarticles and answers to questions!
I have benefited much by your insights into clarinet playing and clarinet models in general.

I am a high school student and an amateur clarinet player.
When I first started to play the clarinet, I had an Buffet E11 (which I still play).
I could get every other note sound good, at least (even if the pitch was wrong)
but I could never get the throat Bb to sound in a satisfactory manner.
As I am planning to change my E11 soon, and I want my new clarinet to have a clear throat Bb.
What clarinet models do you suggest?
Do Ridenour clarinets get rid of the throat Bb problem? (I wanted to ask because it wasn’t listed as one of the features)

Thank you very much for your time!
Most sincerely,

Hello JAC:
As to your question concerning the E11 you currently own and play and the Ridenour clarinet and the throat Bb, the main source of your concern. The most imortant feature(s) of the Ridenour Lyrique clarinet is that the entire scale is made more even to play and to tune than any other clarinet on the market, regardless of price.
Tuning is as related to the evenness of scale as anything on the clarinet, that is to say, the actual “timbre ” of the Ridenour scale is made much more even than any other clarinet, principally the throat Bb because that note is the worst note on the current clarinet that causes the most trouble. The trouble is associated with players who find the need to add resonance or muting fingers while playing the throat Bb. Just about everyone who plays clarinet does this, not only that, but justifies the practice as being bona fide as well.
NO, it is not.
A correct clarinet is one wherein you do not throw fingers down when you play the throat Bb,( or the open g and the G# as well)

The fingerings on the clarinet remain as those in any standard fingering chart, no extra fingers thrown down, no embouchure manipluation, just play the correct fingering on the Lyruque Ridenour and you are fine.
I do not know Mr. Ridenour, only as the best designer of the century. I have no vested interest, only that of good music making, correct music making.

I hope this is of help to you.
Best wishes, Sherman


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