Really Vintage Oehler Bass Clarinet

Dear Mr. Friedland:
Circa 1930, My husband (Maestro Theodore Gargiulo) purchased from a private individual in NYC an improved Albert System bass clarinet. Theodore passed away in Dec 2006, but played this instrument till his 90th birthday. He enjoyed an illustrious career in conducting.
With this instrument he began his career as he played it in the Bellison Clarinet Ensemble which was sponsored by the New York Philharmonic Symphony Society and through the 1940s in bands, orchestras and the National Youth Administration Symphony under Leopold Stokowski.

“This bass clarinet is reputed to have been only one of five made by Oehler. It is a unique instrument (a Stradivarius of the winds) with a smaller bore and mouthpiece; it stands off the floor longer than the standard French models and the keys are made of German silver. When played well, the sound is more solid and less spreading than the sound of a bass clarinet with a truer continuation of the lower range of the Bb and A clarinet sound. Its range is concert pitch)”
These notes were left by the maestro in a letter.
I am thinking of selling it …
Allegro con brio.

Hi everyone: Am posting this because it speaks of a highly unusual Oehler System bass clarinet from the 30s, played until recently.

I have the name and photos of the horn should anyone be interested.

Stay well, sherman


3 Responses to Really Vintage Oehler Bass Clarinet

  1. piedpiper1284 says:

    The owner should try to sell the instrument in Germany or Austria. It’s the kind of instrument orchestra musicians there play. ‘Das Orchester’ would be a good magazine to advertise it ([]

  2. naherholung says:

    Hello Sherman,

    I am really interested in the Oehler bass clarinet. Is it still for sale? Would you be so kind as to send some photos?

    Naherholung (

  3. how far does this instrument extend down? Low E, Eb, or C?

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