Yamaha XT1 clarinet

Hello Mr. Friedland:

You responded  recently with info about the Yamaha xt-1 clarinet. Do you know anything else about this horn? Why discontinued? When? Why not mentioned on Yamaha’s site? Was it faulty? Is it same design at ycl-450 or Allegro?

I’m considering buying one off of eBay tomorrow but am hesitant because of the lack of info.

Thank you for your excellent site, by the way. I’ve read a number of articles while shopping for a clarinet for my 14-year-old son, a fourth-year clarinet student stepping up from a ycl-250.

Dear JD:
I would suggest you purchase the XT1 as it is a good instrument and better than the 450, or the 550, both of which I’ve played and owned.
Here is what I said in 2008 about the XT1:
As to the original question, the XT1 is a clarinet whose price was 1139 and is now being offered for 939, or approximately those prices. There are also similarly priced XT1s in Saxophone, trumpet and trombone, and those too are all or will be discontinued. The XT1s are being offered to retailers and are generally the same as the line being discontinued with some changes in some instruments. The XT1 clarinet has silver-plated keys.

I looked at the photo of the only XT1 on Ebay and noticed the plating on the keys. t is most probably exactly as a higher priced model, but without a couple of the more sellable features. This one looks good and the price is right, so, without further adieu, grab it!

Companies as Yamaha are essentially good . Yamahas standards in clarinets are quite high, so it is most probably a small difference from a much more costly difference. Frequently(especially with Yamaha) items are discontinued and replaced with a different numbering, and frequently a higher price. I mention specifically the 20, now called 250 and the 450.

Models are frequently the same as previously numbered, but with higher prices.

best of regards, and luck, Sherman


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