Improved Albert System Selmers,in a triple case

Dear Sir;

My grandfather played with the “Big Bands”, and I have inherited his set of 3 Selmer Paris clarinets. They are “Fernand–Chamlain” and all have a serial of #2156. The old leather case is well worn. The instruments have not been played since the 30’s, and need a major overhaul.

I read your post to another individual, about depreciation of older instruments. I was wondering if this set of 3 was rare, and hence more valuable.

I am getting old myself, and no one in the family is interested in clarinet. In your opinion, what should be done with this set?
Hello D:

Thank you for the photos. Now I am in a much better position to give comments and perhaps some advice. These are Albert System Selmer Clarinets. They are probably the “improved Albert System, which was the choice of many players of Jazz during that time, though by hardly anyone currently. They look to be a set of Bb, A, and perhaps a C clarinet, all in that neat case.On second look, there are  both an LP on one barrel and an HP on the other. This signifies Low Pitch and High Pitch. Here is a link that gives more pertinent information:
You can see that they are seldom performed upon currently, however,there is a list of former renown players of the instrument as well as those who play them today. They hold only nostalgic value for those who do play them. They were played as well by players in all genres at the time. The LP or HP has apparently long been settled, save or the fact that  currently there are clarinets pitched at both 440 and 442 and there are mouthpieces as well which are matched to these instruments.
As far as value, that could be determined by making photos available to those who collect such instruments. Or perhaps the people who are in charge of the Selmer Clarinet within the US may be interested.
Selmer Paris has always been one of the premier clarinet makers.
Best regards,


4 Responses to Improved Albert System Selmers,in a triple case

  1. jsp713 says:

    I play the Albert system and would be interested in seeing some photos of your clarinets. I use a double clarinet case for mine, but have been looking for a triple case and that’s how I found your message.

  2. jsp713 says:

    Sorry; I guess I don’t understand. There is a url in your post, and I followed it and the message I got was the the “page was not found.”
    I am interested in the Albert clarinets, since I play them.
    Thanks for the response anyway.
    Any suggestions?

  3. No one is interested in selling their Albert clarinet, are they? I am a jazz clarinet player planning on moving to NOLA soon, and I really want to get some Albert chops before I go down there. I have recently fallen in love with Evan Christopher’s playing and I know he played on one.

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