It’s not a rubber chicken!

Dear Mr Friedland:
I was hoping that you might provide some reassurance to my reasoning and guitar analogy so that we can all sleep better until the Lyrique arrives! My wife thinks I’m nuts for buying a $1000 rubber clarinet……..JP

Dear JP:

Actually, there is no analogy in comparing the guitar you bought and the Lyrique you have ordered. But I can say the following for your wife and yourself and your daughter as well.
The Lyrique clarinet, the hard rubber thing, is the best in tune hard rubber thing on the market and what’s wrong with a clarinet made of hard rubber, which is as natural as wood, but much more stable and will not crack, ever.
I play on a set and so do more and more clarinetists and students of clarinetists as well. When I first got one to try, I was amazed, played it for my wife, who has a better ear than me, and she too found to be really beautiful in quality. I played it for colleagues at a chamber music rehearsal and they found that it blends better and tunes better with strings and piano than does wood.
It has been true since, and while I can criticize certain aspects of literally any horn, this is the best instrument, and when you factor its price it cuts all others by miles.
There is a growing constituency out there.
As they say,”cheeeeyeck it out”!
Enjoy your acquisition, and good luck to your daughter.

Best regards, Sherman


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