A Lyrique for Serenity


I love your corner! I am a folk musician, and the only instrument I can play is the clarinet, so that is what I play. My husband plays the guitar and we make music together. I am playing on an old wooden Normandy with a Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece. I have been playing clarinet again for a couple of years after taking an almost 10 year break. I find that I have intonation problems with the Normandy. I also sometimes have trouble playing the upper register B (the sound just refuses to come out). I am interested in buying a new instrument. I have seen you recommend the Lyrique. That is probably the limit of my price range. I need something that will maintain intonation.

I also have a question about preparing reeds for playing. When we play our sets, I don’t have much time for warming up, and I often go several songs without playing the clarinet. What is the best way to keep the reed moist during the interim?

Thanks for your time!

Hello Serenity. I can recommend that you do buy a Lyrique clarinet, as I have no reservation about that instrument, especially for having as good an intonation, far ahead of any clarinet costing three or four times the amount that you will pay for the Lyrique. The intonation will not bring you any real tuning issues and the pitch will hold better than any wooden instrument. Also your instrument will hold up perfectly in adverse or changing weather conditions.Ask for a Ridenour mouthpiece for the clarinet and he will make you one that I know you will like and that will be true for you. It’s the best instrument regardless of any price as far as intonation is concerned .
You simply cannot go wrong with the Lyrique clarinet. I know because I play one and have found it to be excellent.

As far as reeds are concerned and playing sets of folk music, you should try the Legere synthetic reeds. They have several cuts and the reeds hold intonation well and do not have to be moistened as do cane before they will play. Most will play for five or ten times the playing duration of a cane reed. I understand that they are working on a new and better Legere reed that will be even more sensitive. I think it will be called the signature reed byLegere. I’ve played Legere reeds from time to time and find the “Ontario” cut to be the best for me, however I’m really looking forward to this new reed they’re talking about, developed with Richard Hawkins of Oberlin.

Hope this advice helps.
best wishes and keep practicing.

sincerely, Sherman


One Response to A Lyrique for Serenity

  1. bulldoggy2008 says:

    Mr. Friedland–Thank you for your comments about the Lyrique clarinet and Legere reeds. I am solely tempted to order the Lyrique, especially the “A” Lyrique which you seem to particularly like. I currently have a set of Selmer Centered Tone Bb and A clarinets (I purchase the Bb in 1958 whem I was in a Marine Band. They both are in wonder shape, and I play them in our community orchestra and Municipal Band. I have a Ridenour Arios Bb as back-up, and I like it very much. It is hard to convince clarinetists of the value of rubber clarinets. I am sold. I certainly don’t need to acquire other clarinets, but I just think I have the “bug” to at leat give the Lyriques a whirl. I am playing Legere reeds almost exclusively now, and I also like the Ontario cut. I have several which I alternate. I look forwar to their new reed.

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