Van Doren M13, or 5JB mouthpiece. Which one for Jazz/Klezmer/Turkish

and which for Symphonic and chamber music?

Firstly I want to apologize for my english. I’m playing both Bb and G clarinets. I want to play klezmer and jazz on Bb and traditional turkish music with my G clarinet. What kind of mouthpiece should I choose for both clarinets for these kinds of music? unfortunately there are not too many choices in Turkey. Are Vandoren M13 and 5JB mouthpieces good choices? which one would you prefer or are there any other options can you advice? Turkish music uses glissando frequently and I want to make beautiful glissandos and play with warm tones.

Thank you.


Dear ST:
Thank you for your note. Your english is very fine, at least for your note.
As far as Turkish music is concerned and the G clarinet for that matter, there seems little choice between the M13 and the 5JB. While both will play on either of your clarinets, you will find the 5JB more suited to playing glissandos and the kind of Turkish music you describe. The facing will accept a reed with less resistance and still give you the full range of the clarinet. And the sound is more appropriate for both Klezmer and Turkish music. This mouthpiece is used by many players playing Jazz, and is one of Van Dorens most popular mouthpieces. The M13 is the Van Doren impression of the Chedeville mouthpiece, a mouthpiece made for more confined chamber music and symphony playing. Interestingly enough, one can always find a Jazz/Klezmer/Turkish player playing an M13 and a symphonic player playing a 5JB.(That’s the way of clarinetists and music: all different; embouchures as well. Thoughts as well. (Endless)

Good luck,
best regards, Sherman


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  1. tomaten dörren trocknen…

    […]Van Doren M13, or 5JB mouthpiece. Which one for Jazz/Klezmer/Turkish « Sherman Friedland’s Clarinet Corner[…]…

  2. Dear Mr. Friedland,

    I started playing clarinet about a year and a half ago, initially drawn by the ethnic style of clarinet (klezmer, balkan, greek, oriental) and was advised to use a Vandoren 5JB mouthpiece both on my Bb Boehm Buffet R13 and my G Albert. Thanks to my classically trained teacher I began enjoying and appreciating western classical clarinet as well (I’m currently working my way through the 1st Rose etude).

    My question: is a 5JB mouthpiece + Vandoren #2.5 V12 reed appropriate for western classical clarinet? What are the drawbacks of using it for classical music?

    According to my teacher I have a nice, full and strong tone (for a beginner of course), but he has no experience with this mouthpiece. I read somewhere that the late Jack Brymer used a 5JB. Is that a fact? Do you know of other classical clarinetists using the 5JB?

    Thanks and regards,
    — Massimo

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