Lyrique vs. Tosca

I’m curious about the Lyrique Bb Custom RCP-576bc Model Clarinet.

I’ve seen many comparisons between the BC R13 and the Lyrique, but never between the BC Tosca and the Lyrique.

I like the “woodsy” sound a a clarinet produces in the middle region.

I was wondering if you or anyone that you know has compared a Lyrique to a Buffet Crampon Tosca Clarinet?

The only negative comment I’ve heard about the Lyrique Clarinet is from by Welsh National Opera Principal Clarinetist, Leslie Craven when referring to Tchaikovsky operas…

“For professional clarinettist’s the ease of staccato, facile high register and lighter quality of sound available at great ease especially in piano will be a terrific option for those like me having to perform a wide variety of styles of music from Mozart to Rossini, Berg andMacmillan.TheLyrique may not necessarily be my ideal choice for Tchaikovsky operas, but I would choose it for Mozart, Rossini, French music and certainly most chamber works, also for recitals with piano.

I was wondering if you or anyone that you know has compared a Lyrique to a Buffet Crampon Tosca Clarinet?

Thank You
Yes, Indeed . I can bring you the remarks of a recognized and respected designer and dealer of clarinets:
“Funny you should mention this. My own personal sense, after testing several of them and tuning one extensively for a top player in China, is that the Tosca is business as usual with Buffet, with the same tuning issues, resistance balance problems and inconsistent production. It’s just wrapped up in a fancy package to justify the absurdly high price. Don’t you wish you could do a few changes in a clarinet that cost you no more than an additional $35.00 of manufacturing and charge an additional $2000.00 on the market?
These changes don’t constitute any improvement in actual performance. Even with the additional mechanism the Lyrique tuned a lot better on the low F and right hand clarion C than the Tosca the Chinese artist brought to me to tune (he’s a wonderful player). I spent almost an hour tuning that area alone on his clarinet, and three hours all told. Absurd!
Finally, I have a story with a customer involving the Tosca:
A guy called me up from N.Jersey, said he’d like to try the Lyrique. He said he had a Tosca, but was curious to try the Lyriqu. He jokingly said if he liked the Lyrique he would sell his Tosca.
I sent the clarinet and he bought it.
Three months later he called me up and reminded me of our conversation. He said he loved the Lyrique and had actually put his Tosca up for sale, but had not gotten the price he wanted for it. So, he thought he would keep it. What he wanted to know from me was, “If I sent the Tosca down to you, could you make it play as well as your clarinet?”
True story.” William Ridenour

Best regards, Sherman


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