Jack Maheu, noted Dixieland musician, UP DATE

Hello everyone. I have received the following just this morning from the undersigned professor:

(June 12, 2010)Dear Mr. Friedland,
I spoke to Jack Maheu two days ago – he isn’t dead. He and I grew up together, so we have always been close. The ‘dynamic 2’ thing he told me about – had to hock it for money. I read the article sent to you, so the reason for this e-mail. I can fill any gaps about Jack, if you would like. He is in rehab in New Orleans, can’t play, but lives in the dream he might. I believe he is 80 years old now.
All the best,
Roger McKinney, Professor of Music

Old Posting:

I have a clarinet that used to belong to my father (who died in 2004), and he had strokes and did not play it for at least seven years before that. It is a LeBlanc clarinet that he bought used in 1981. It says “Dynamic 2” on it. It also has a name engraved on the side, “Jack Maheu,” who I believe used to be a great Dixieland player (as was my dad).

My kids don’t want to learn how to play it, and I play flute.

I have seen a clarinet turned into a lamp and I am considering it, as it will remind me of my Dad.

But is this clarinet worth something? Since it hasn’t been played in a while (but it has been in the case), is it probably not good anymore as a musical instrument? A friend of mine tried it out a few years ago and she said it sounded like a good instrument.

I would appreciate any information you might have, and if you have recommendations for me, I would appreciate that too.
Thank you,
You’re correct. He was a very well known clarinetist who played with many many great bands and players, notably Eddie Condon. He had a massive stroke in 2006, and I can not find anything further. (He would be 79 now.)
Concerning your Leblanc Dynamic 2, it could have been his instrument of choice as many players used the Leblanc Dynamic,. an excellent instrument with a big bore which has the reputation of being excellent for Jazz playing.
If, in fact,the horn belonged to Jack Maheu, you may rest assured that is is worth considerably more than an ordinary Leblanc Dynamic 2.
it would depend upon how the clarinet is marketed and where.
If the provenance of the instrument turns out to be authentically Jack Maheu, well, after that, it is your decision as to what to do with it. (There is some problem with your date of owning and Jack Maheu’s condition)
Best of luck.



2 Responses to Jack Maheu, noted Dixieland musician, UP DATE

  1. skinnergy says:

    I have a lamp made from a $10.00 yard sale clarinet. I would never make a lamp from a clarinet that belonged to the great Jack Maheu. I am close friends with his family. I have several of his excellent recordings. He had to quit playing after his stroke in 2006 and currently lives in New Orleans.

  2. jackmaheu says:

    Hello everyone! This is Jack Maheu and I am alive and well. I am working on a full recovery so I can hopefully begin playing again soon.

    I no longer live in New Orleans. I moved to Ithaca N.Y to be closer with my son John. Anybody can contact me at johnmaheu@gmail.com or call at 607-319-0045.

    I thank everybody for your wonderful generous comments and support. I just want you to know that I’m not finished yet, not by a long shot!

    So you have not heard the last of me.

    I wish to thank my many friends for keeping in touch with me. It has helped a lot.

    If “Parsley” is out there, I wish you well.
    Looking forward to getting things moving.
    Talk soon,

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