Wants to start the clarinet , but not “on the cheap”

Dear Mr Friedland:

I am an adult who wants to learn how to play the Clarinet but don’t want to go cheap as I’m afraid I’ll give up because of sound quality. I’m considering the Leblanc Cadenza. Do you know anything about this one?
Dear Mr. S.
As far as the Leblanc Cadenza , nobody knows anything about it. Not in actuality. It is a clarinet made entirely in the US and Backun caims that he has redesigned every key. There are two parts of the clarinet that are made in Canada: the two barrels, made of different wood, which nobody has proven or even commented upon , though there are some who generalize with comments like, “I picked this one, which is perfect for me” The clarinet is about 1999.99 at most places and probably selling briskly due to the Conn-Selmer publicity. If you are afraid of the sound of any clarinet, the sound comes from you, and a cheaper instrument will not get you a better or a less good sound,just as a more expensive instrument doesn’t come with a better sound or even foster one. The clarinet selling business must be in dire straights these days, what with the downturn in the economy. Actually, if you want the best sounding instrument for the least amount of money, you are doing the smart thing for these days. Do not spend a lot of money. In my opinion, it is not necessary , nor will it give you the best quality.
Honestly, I do not know a clarinet that sounds better or is better in tune or more economical than the Lyrique Clarinet, designed and finished by Tom Ridenour. I have played all of the clarinets out there and his play better than any other,primarily because he has the best ear in the business and knows more about tuning clarinet than anyone. Don’t listen to hype. Listen to reasonable people on this crucial issue.
Good luck and keep practicing.

Sherman Friedland

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