Used Boosey 1010 for 1400$. Surely, you jest!

Dear Mr. Friedland:
I have found a vendor in England with a B&H Symphony 1010 from the 1970’s which he claims is “immaculate”. He is aking 950 GBP @ $1400 US. Does this sound like a good deal to you?


Dear BL:
$1400 for an immaculate Boosey 1010 is almost viciously overpriced.Not only that, it is also a poor choice fo someone living in your part of the world. Firstly , it has a larger bore than most clarinets made for this country, (the US), and second, it requires a special mouthpiece with a different bore than the usual mouthpiece. While I am sure that it is played well by some, it is also a discontinued clarinet, and frankly, I wouldn’t go near it.
Best wishes

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