Clarinet Corner in “The Clarinet” magazine

Hello Mr. Friedland,

I wanted to let you know that a review of your blog will appear in the next issue of The Clarinet. I don’t know if you have seen our print column, Clarinet Cache, or our blog at, but we try to keep up with all the clarinet sites, videos, news, etc. on the web and write about the best. We thought your blog was an impressive collection of information and advice, and that our readers would enjoy visiting if they hadn’t already. Your Clarinet Corner will appear along with in our article about older, more established sites on the web. I realize that 2004 isn’t that long ago, but there are not that many sites out there that have so much content, and it seems your prolific posting has developed a loyal group of readers!

We have recently submitted the article and it will appear in the March 2009 issue, and when the issue is released we will also post it to our blog. I would have liked to have a chance to correspond with you before writing about the site, but we were on a tight deadline this time! Thanks for creating such a great resource for professional and amateur clarinetists (and people who just find clarinets in their attics)!

Happy holidays,




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