The Selmer Artys…or ?

Hello, Sherman – I am a big fan of your website! Do you have any insight, or opinion on the Selmer Artys clarinets (specifically the A)? I need to buy my own A clarinet, but at this time can not afford an r13 to go with my Bb. The semler artys A clarinets seem like theyre all on sale on retailers’ websites, some as low as $1200. I remember these clarinets being much more expensive in the past. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!0

Dear Sir:
I ordered an Artys A clarinet. It arrived in perfect condition, having two barrels, however there was space only for one in the case proper, so the second had to be left in the bell. The case is a good looking Selmer canvas covered case, however there is no actual case under the canvas, simply the wooden shell. This makes the case dangerous because it must be zipped properly , and the zipper is almost invisible. If you happen to have a dog or cat in the house, it will shed every hair onto the case itself. That’s this particular Selmer case. Handsome and expensive but to me, obviously this had been a set of Bb and A which had been split when they closed out the clarinets to the Big box seller. The closeout price of 1199.00 (they are all gone now) was terrific, but it is a horn pitched at 442, which may or may not be good for you.
In this situation, I would look to the manufacturer: Selmer. They are a wonderful company and seldom if ever have they put an inferior product on the market. One may like or dislike the Artys, however itis a Selmer A clarinet and for 1199.00, that is a good buy, since the list was somewhere around 5 thousand. I do not like the adjustable thumb rest as it is placed badly, doesn’t adjust very much or enough and I found it too narrow.
If you want my opinion, the best A clarinet for you would be the Lyrique having the approximate same price tag and is a better player than the Artys.

Good luck.




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