Selmer Signet, help in appraisal

Mr. Sherman

Can you please advise me?
In your opinion how much a used Selmar Signet 100 wooden clarinet would cost in excellent condition ?
Thanks very much

Hello d:
Depending upon condition,( cracks or other pitting detracts), the instrument will be worth in the condition we describe upwards of 200. (that’s, no wear on keys, no cracks looks somewhat new to the cursory glance.) It may be good time to be as informational as possible concerning age and its influence on cost of instrument aged clarinet.
By and large, a clarinet doesn’t appreciate; rather the opposite is true. Depreciation is the magic word here, not as unfortunate as in the case of a vehicle but certainly along those lines.
This is especially true with models of clarinets considered “not high end”. Signets, Vitos, Normandy . None of the plastic Yamahas tend to appreciate, while the upper moving models do better in the world of price.
It is always good to try to have your clarinet( to sell) completely renovated, which includes keys all stripped, instrument soaked in oil, keys buffed and repadded, all corks repaired and the entire instrument gone over for cracks or fissures of any kind. Because many clarinets are not completely blown out at sale time, the overhaul is a great idea Blown out seldom occurs, but does happen after about 10 to 20,years of being played.
good luck.

Sherman Friedland


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