Antiques Roadshow?

Dear Mr. Sherman Friedland-

I hope you can help me learn more about my clarinet.  I bought it used from my teacher about 1977 or 1978, but have long ago lost touch with him, and want tolearn more about my instrument.  This is especially interesting to me as my daughter has started learning to play the clarinet, and I have joined her in her practices, after a long hiatus from the clarinet!

The instrument is a LeBlanc.  It has the “G. Leblanc Paris” emblem carved into each section (including barrel and bell); the upper section also has “France”engraved below the G. Leblanc emblem.  There are no model numbers or descriptions anywhere else on the instrument.  The right side keys on theupper section are side-by-side, with staggered tone holes.  The serial numberis 183.  It came with a Vandoren “1” mouthpiece, about which I also can find no information.

If you know anything about this instrument, please reply to my e-mail,

Thank you very much!


Leblanc numbers are always four digits. This looks as if one of them has been inadvertently rubbed off, which is common enough. I can almost make out the obliterated number, but not quite . Unfortunately, for the first number is the key, but even without it I can tell you that it is most probably a “Classic” model, which at this time needs no more identification than that. It is one of their top-line clarinets, and the keys look like they have not been inordinately worn, which is good.It is a very fine instrument, at least 40- to 60 years old, or possibly only a bit older than that. It needs to be mentioned that Leblanc was a much reviled clarinet until only the last few years, in favor of other French clarinets, but in actuality it was only bad marketing and the reputation, totally undeserved of come French clarinets. Leblanc is one of th ebest clarinets ever made, of which yours is included.

Feel good. SF

best regards, Sherman

Reply from TM:

Dear Mr Friedland-

Thank you very much for the information!  I feel a little bit like the little
old lady on the Antiques Roadshow…
I’ll keep good care of the horn, and play it more, since it “deserves” this!

Thanks for your help,



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