Leblanc Dynamique, 1971. Value depends upon condition

Dear Mr. Friedland:

I happened to come across my old clarinet in the attic today.  My mom bought it out of the newspaper for me when I was in middle school.  I am trying to research its value.  It is a wooden G. Leblanc (Paris France) Dynamique w/ the number 5510.  I could not find this number on any of the Leblanc lists I found in my research.  How can I find out what year it was made?  The mouthpiece I have w/ it says D.Bonade (France).  Will the clarinet have a lesser value if the mouthpiece isn’t Leblanc?  Thanks for any help you can give or any advice as to where to research further.
H. D


I found the number as being made perhaps in 1971 0r 72. Leblanc serial numbers are quite difficult to determine though the only 4 digit number near the 5510 seems to have been made then. Of course the important thing about the instrument if that it is a Dynamique, quite a good instrument with a slightly wider bore which is in somewhat of a demand currently. The mouthpiece has not much to do with the clarinet in any event, but the French Bonade mouthpieces were in general not a bad mouthpiece. Without seeing the instruments condition it would be difficult to determine its actual value on todays market. (In a followup, the writer was offered 106 US for the instrument, which looked to be in excellent condition. I responded by saying the horn is worth 3 to 4 times that amount)   

Good luck.
Sherman Friedland   



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