The Lyrique A Clarinet



Dear Mr. Friedland:
Do you really believe the Lyrique A clarinet is the best you’ve ever played…even better than the Selmers you used to use?
This is a hard stretch for me, as the Lyrique seems like just another ebonite product.
Thank you,
D.L. L 


All clarinets are just another  product(s), no matter which model or make of model.(By the way, do you know of another ebonite A clarinet? I think not.)
However this particular clarinet, the Lyrique A clarinet is better than any of the many Selmers I have played or even my Opus A, which was close but not equal to the Lyrique. In the case of hard rubber, I would say that it is a less strident, much a more musical response that the material itself brings to the music. With the addition of the scale which has been designed by the best designer in recent years, the sum of the parts is worth a better response than any A I have played, Yes, without question.
Traditionally, the clarinetist always looks for an A clarinet that blows very freely and perhaps as with as much ease as does the Bb. This is not easy to find, however with the Lyrique it is a simple fact. They all play with an ease of response which is remarkable..
This does not have to be accepted by everyone. But it will be,  more and more.
Keep practicing.



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