“You Get What You Pay For” Yes, or no?

You Get What You Pay For”.

This is a slogan, meaning it really is a means of expressing another thought, which does not represent exactly what is stated. Slogans are interesting because they are used so very frequently, and further that they are used for advertising purposes, which of course, translates into selling the product. The whole point of the slogan is to sell the product or to popularize something.
There does not have to be any relation to the truth at all, actually it is the perception which counts more than anything.
In the case of the slogan, ” You Get What You Pay For”, the implication is that the more you pay for a product the better it is, OR,”You get What you Pay For.
What its meaning  real is “YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET.” Which reduces the impact of the slogan completely making it simply a statement  of payment, rather than theft or a gift.

I use this particular slogan because it is used so frequently by those who play costly clarinets which seem much more a fad than that of purity of tone or intonation. Let us say, you purchase one of these for 3500 or so(sometimes considerably more). You try between five and ten of the same model and you may get one or two that play well, or that you may wish to use to get to a further step in the elimination process. When you finally purchase one, then and only then do you begin to tinker with its intonation and speaking capabilities.

After you and/or your technical assistant get through fixing it, you have your clarinet.

You Get What you Pay For?, is really more of a question than anything.. You pay for what you get. Clear and simple. Don’t be fooled.
The more you have to pay for an instrument, the further into the woods you may be taken.
Nobody will find you because you have already used all of your breadcrumbs and have nothing to scatter along the way.

For those of you considering a purchse of an instrument, get as much advice as possible from perhaps your teacher and/ or a fine player. Do not be confused by the thought of an expensive instrument that does not have that much quality, tuning, sound, stability.There are many instruments available that may cost much less than that very large amount of money and provide you with a much better product.

Good luck and investigate thoroughly.

Sherman Friedland


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