From Sweden. Opus, 1010, Orsi and Weir?

Dear Mr Friedland:
I just saw the article where a guy was talking about changing his LeBlanc Opus for either a Buffet or a Boosey&Hawkes 1010. I recently bought a 1010 where i also bought an Orsi&Weir cocobollo clarinet. I am trying to get used to the cocbollo -one,but i still does not fit the longfinger on my left hand,in which I have a loss of sensitivity due to an accident.
The 1010 is tricky with regard to intonation.I am blowing a Vandoren 5JB with a Legere 3 1/4. Can you give me some advise about what kind of mouthpiece I shall use?
I used to play a Opus and I can feel that I am partly longing back to that horn which I instantly fell in love with and that I played for 11 years.
I play swing/dixieland music and I am in a very competitive situation with a loud trumpet and a trombone.

I am very much lookong forward to some response and advise.

Best Regards

Hello LK:
Somehow a familiar story; a clarinet one cherishes given up for two others , neither of them filling the bill and one is left with an emptiness and a yearning for the original.
I have to deduce that you were looking for perhaps a bigger sound or more projection. in buying the 1010 you purchased an instrument with a complete;y different bore size, and your JB mouthpiece will no be itune with the English horn. You need to play a mouthpiece with a compatible bore, perhap a BH 923 or similar, but I would buy nothing. In the case of the Orsi%Weir, while the clarinet may be a good instrument, it is for you nothing but a complication. Put it aside, or try to give it back to the seller.
Man, if you fell in love with an Opus and played it for 11 years, why in the world are you dabbling with others? Could it be “bungie-jumping”? You will not find what you want if it is projection, by trying and buying other horns. You are in a Dixieland “frontline”, meaning you have two louder instruments. Do not try fighting them for projection. You can only do it with a comfortable instrument, one with which you produce your best sound. You will be heard especially from the standpoint of range because they cannot outreach you. Let them play as loudly as they wish; just play with the most comfortable horn and sound that you have and you will be heard. If you are really into the” big-bore is better thing for jazz” thing, then try a Pete Fountain Leblanc, which is 580 or so, or a Centered Tone, which is similar and both better intonation-wise than the 1010 or the OW (which I haven’t played).

Or keep the JB VD mouthpiece and reconnect with an Opus or an Opus II . You will be more satisfied I am sure, as those instruments are very well in tune and play very well. I had a set myself for a few years.

Good luck. I hope this helps in some way.

Sherman Friedland

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