Ridenour ATG Reed System, and the Thumb Saddle

Good morning Mr Friedland,

Greetings from Glencairn, South Africa. I am an amateur clarinettist and am really passionate about playing. Firstly, I want to say a HUGE thank you for sharing your great wealth of knowledge and wisdom so freely and generously with us amateur players. It is really appreciated!!!

I have two questions for you and would appreciate your comments on them:

1. The Ridenour thumb saddle � do you know whether it will fit an adjustable thumb rest which has a hole for clipping in a sling hook.
2. As a result of searching for the above thumb saddle at Tom Ridenour�s website I came upon his �ATG Single Reed Finishing System.� Have you tried it and if so, can you recommend it? I must say it sounds marvellous and would seem to be the answer. I have always battled with reeds.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best wishes,



Dear CM:

As to the Ridenour thumb saddle, I do not know if if it will fit the adjusted thumbrest with hole for a sling hook, however I do think it possible and the purchase is not prohibitive.

But the ATG reed fixing system is most probably the best system there is and it is complete with all the tools one needs and an excellent video. This is not just a system, but one that reflects the same technics that any good and experienced played picks up in a lifetime…. and it works, very very well. I cannot recommend the ATG reed-fixing system any higher. It is the best in the business.

Most sincerely,
Sherman Friedlnd


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